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I have known George Zalucki for 9 years, he make no bones about it, he takes what he has learnt over 50 years and condenses it into information relevant to people trying to succeed in the ACN business. He is genuine and the information is thought provoking and designed to help you build you, to cope with doing something you may not have done before.

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How to go from Employee to Entrepreneur
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Win or Lose? June 2012
Dear Robert,
After nearly 50 years of working in the field of motivation and achievement psychology, I can attest to the wisdom, truth and power of these insights.”The road to success is often laden with difficult obstacles. If there were none to conquer or endure, we’d all be rich and happy.”
Let me state here why people fail, you can learn what NOT to do! You can then decide to do the opposite, which over time, will guarantee your place in the winner’s circle.

Here is why people fail:

1) They lack understanding of what success demands of them.
2) They lack the motivation to learn what is required.
3) They lack the necessary self-discipline.
4) They constantly offer excuses and rationalizations to avoid the uncomfortable aspects of personal growth and change.
5) They lack integrity with self and others.
6) They seem committed to maintaining a poor self-image.
7) They are strongly inclined toward negative thinking and attitudes.
8) They lack self-responsibility.
9) They lack the will to sustain their efforts when disappointments come their way.
10) They have the habit of projecting their failures and shortcomings on others.
11) They have a low tolerance for emotional, physical or financial discomfort.
12) When exposed to the wisdom, instructions and attitudes of the winners in life, they choose instead the influences and thought patterns of the masses who are stuck in lives of quiet desperation devoid of dreams.

Author Robert Anthony in his book titled “Betting on Yourself” (Berkley Books), offers us 10 Positive Assumptions. If you combine his 10 instructions with “act as though it were impossible to fail” as Dorothea Brande instructs us, you can start your journey today toward the winner’s circle knowing you will get there.

1) I will make and keep my commitments.
2) I will find the right people who can help me.
3) I will look for an answer in every problem.
4) I will give up “trying” and simply do.
5) I will make it okay to be wrong and make mistakes.
6) I will create my own “good luck”.
7) I will not be afraid to lose before I win.
8) I will do it now!
9) I will be who I am and become what I was meant to be.
10) I will accept that all things are possible.
Now you have it. The rest is up to you.
“Each one of us chooses the road we will travel, the people we associate with and the thoughts, attitudes and actions we engage in. Winners simply make different choices than losers. They think different thoughts, believe different things, adopt different attitudes and therefore produce different results in their lives. And that’s the truth about winning and losing.
And, as always, the choice is uniquely yours…”
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Why people say “NO!”

N0 Money cannot afford it — –

  • If this business makes sense to you,
  • if not this why not?
  • if not now when?
  • if not you then who?
  • Do not hesitate because we can make history together.
  • If €500 Euros is an issue thank the person who told you about this, do not be ashamed because we are going to erase this kind of a problem from your life for ever.
  • The price for freedom has to be paid for up front and in full,
  • and with this opportunity you have the prospect to participate in your rescue.
  • And you just need to learn how to achieve this
  • I am here for you.
  • Now listen:

(available for a limited time)

I am 48 this weekend.
Just listening to, a conversation when a tweet cam in to say “I know someone who has wanted to be a pilot since he was three, are people who know what they want actually boring?”
I got told off in school for the answer to the question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
HAPPY was the answer, and last year, clearing out my Mother’s house after he death, I found that copy book from school!
So what happened?
I grew up in an era of duty, doing the right thing.
My Father came from an era of survival, he ran in the Santry Athletics, when he was a kid, without shoes!
He went from Tenement to Senior Management in an International Airline.
He retired to spend more time with the family and was dead within the year.
A medium I know told me he was content, his work was done.

What is your work?
What do you want out of life?
What difference have you made?
What difference do you make every day?

At 38, I realised, I was living my life to others’ agendas, to their timescales, hair thinning, waist widening.
At 40, I came across this business, shortly after, I let the lure of a Managing Director position distract me, owning my own company.
It cost me a fortune, nearly lost my home.
But I did lose my ego!
I had a very expensive and stressful education.
My Mother is gone, my Brothers are sorted, my Son is set up now for his future, my wife (20 years married, 30 years together) is amazing, so, it is me!
Time to focus on me!
I only have one ambition in business, success with the ACN business.

Again on the radio as I typer Some chess masters took 3,000 hours to get to mastery.
Some took 25,000 hours, it has always been accepted that it takes 10,000 hours to achieve mastery.
The point of this business is simplicity, plug into a system, tap into the already achieved mastery, do the things you have to do to be successful, replicate, and show others how to do what you did.
You don’t need ten thousand hours, you need to do a few hours every week, consistently, 10, 15, whatever you can spare.
Set up your web shop:, acquire a few customers, show some others how to do the same:

It is simple to do and easy not to do!

I am looking for three people who want to start their own business, three people who want to start a “plan B”, three entrepreneurs, three people who want to change their lives and share that idea with others!

What have you got to lose?




I have no time for this……Every body has 24 hours doing the same thing and expecting a different result is insanity, busy being broke.

No Time — Larry says he has heard this so often his reply goes like this. Every body has 24 hours doing the same thing and expecting a different result is insanity, busy being broke. The reason you have no time and so busy is because you are 100% responsible – you slow down become incapacitated and you income reduces. God forbid you slow down. What if you could have 10 people working for you and your family would that be a good thing? IF two people get sick the other 8 can do what you can do yourself. If you have 10, 20 200, 2000, 10,000 working with you, every 30th day you get a piece of what they have achieved, because you helped them and we all share the profit margin with company.

“I will prepare, and someday my chance will come.” — Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States

I love this quote and entirely appropriate to relaunching my internet business now the webshop is here!

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“I will prepare, and someday my chance will come.”