The Big Al Report – February 26, 2012

I am looking for three people, willing to sacrifice their St. Patrick’s weekend to go to Lisbon, to a business conference, to review a business and start building it immediately.

It needs an entrepreneur. it needs leadership, which may not be you, but you know someone who knows that leader. Three people, can build a huge business of Internet Shops, Internet shops on every corner of the internet, staffed by independent business owners all over the world.

I want this to work, but I need to work.
I need to build a team, but I need you to build a team.
It works, but will you?
I need help!

Please contact me.

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Here are two quotes that is certainly one of my favorites. It helps me to look at new possibilities and to practice tolerance for others’ beliefs.

Richard Brooke wrote:

“As humans, we are incredibly closed-minded and arrogant. We actually believe that what we think is the truth is TRUE, and that what someone else believes is just their opinion. This arrogance and foolishness sticks us with our beliefs, blinding us to any other possibilities — possibilities that may propel us toward success.”

When I listening to someone’s strange viewpoints, I pause, think of this quote, and try to understand how this person came to create these strange viewpoints.

* “Was this the career you wanted while you were in school?”

* “Was this the career you wanted while you were in school?”
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* “Was this the career you wanted while you were in school?”

* “How much time do you spend commuting every day?”

* “What would change if you got two paychecks instead of one?”

* “How do you feel about your boss?”