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I was listening to the radio this morning and heard about the couple who had used the same numbers in the Lotto since it started and scooped the €10M jackpot.  They plan to remain anonymous but pay off their family and friends’ mortgages while supporting some charities.

That got me thinking.  €8 per play is what they were paying, two games a week, forgetting about Euro Millions, that’s €800 a year even if you didn’t play 52 weeks.  Now we didn’t have the two games a week tax on the poor all the time but for a lot of 28 years we have!

So, if you were to start your own International Utilities and Products web shop, fully stocked, 15 languages, where people in 24 countries could buy your products and have them delivered without you having to get involved and all this for €100 ex VAT per annum.

And let’s say, you also took an initial sample and sell stock, for half the cost of the lotto, and take a gamble on yourself and the people you know, to help you build a business and not dependent on the state for your pension, or the Lotto for your income!  What if you spent money on your business, never made a penny, but used it to offset your tax bill ( an accountant could advise on tax), then, would you see the value in starting an ECommerce business?

Talk to me if you are open to discussing the possibilities!