Women CAN work from home!

I just wrote this post on LinkedIN referring to a New Your times article saying 66% of women who are on age to have and bring up children are at work.  75% of those out of work say they would work if they had flexible hours or could work for home!  Hmmm, I have a solution for that!


Just realised that CAN is an Anagram of ACN!

plan b

ACN National Event, Ireland

At last it has happened! http://sellingsolutions.ie/index.php/acn-irish-national-event/ ‎

Fantastic speakers who have proved you can do it from a standing start as we now experience it in Ireland.  Start your own business, a business within a business, for yourself but not by yourself.

Let me know if you want to go and I would be happy to give you more information!

ACN National Event, Team Ireland

ACN National Event, Team Ireland

An Open Letter to: Network Professionals, Direct Sellers and Entrepreneurs, Ireland is open for business!

From: ACN Senior Vice President Mr. Art Napolitano 

Arthur Napolitano ACN SVP

Art Napolitano

The purpose of this letter is to inform you about an important NEW Opportunity that will be launching in 18 European countries on March 1st 2015.

While many new ground-floor direct-selling opportunities offer tremendous income potential, they most often fail. In a recent study of the viability of Network Marketing Companies conducted by Bocconi University in Italy and published in the book Social Networks Offline, it was revealed that less than 1% of new Direct Sales Companies last 10 years. As a 25 year veteran of the Network Marketing/Direct selling profession and documented multi-million dollar earner as an independent distributor, I am well aware of the risks of the start-up company. In the past, I too, have tried to position myself early in the start-up company only to be left with no residual income and loss of credibility.

Over the last 25 years I have learned many things about life, business and this profession. I have learned that everything changes. I often speak about Trends, Timing and Opportunities. All of us have experienced trends that come and go. We’ve experienced the cycles of life, love and business, which must both evolve and grow with the changing times or they will wither and die. The NEW opportunity I am sharing with you is NOT a new company, but it is truly a NEW ground-floor opportunity without the risk of being a start-up company and this fact makes the timing for what I’m sharing a rarity.

I have traveled to more than 24 countries on 4 continents, addressed audiences as large as 20,000, built one of the largest, most successful international distribution businesses in the history of this profession. I’ve shared the stage with world-famous economist Paul Zane Pilser, multi-billionaire Donald Trump, Success magazine publisher Darren Hardy, and partnered with internationally renowned personal development expert George Zalucki.  I have been teaching opportunity seekers what I have learned about creating an asset of residual income as a way to create time freedom and a more flexible lifestyle. I acknowledge and share the changes I’ve had to make in my own life to grow from a 29 year old broke rock musician to multi-millionaire entrepreneur. I certainly have many people to thank and will always have much to learn, but the one thing I know is that timing and positioning with the RIGHT opportunity makes the journey much faster, enjoyable and profitable.

Official ACN website for Ireland

For the last 16 years I have been representing a USA based international marketing company called ACN. ACN is entering its 22nd year of opportunity and currently operates in 24 countries on 4 continents. ACN grew by more than $100 Million dollars last year and is nearing an annual turnover of $1 Billion. ACN is listed as the 20th largest direct selling company world-wide and originally targeted the deregulation opportunities in the highly competitive telecommunications industry.  While ACN has successfully continued to evolve and expand its service based marketing opportunity through the development of ACN branded services they have also expanded the portfolio through third party service providers.  While ACN will continue to offer a diversified service catalog depending on the market conditions and opportunities, it will be reinventing its European business model by adding a new health and wellness division to take advantage to the growing market demand for proactive health and anti-aging products. To support this directive and to increase the income potential of its independent distributors, ACN will be implementing a new, highly lucrative compensation plan as of March 1st, 2015. These new ACN branded products will be supported by a compelling storyline backed by the latest science and will improve people’s lives by getting real results. The demand for anti-aging products has grown by almost $100 BILLION in just 5 years from $162 Billion in 2008 to $261 Billion in 2013 and this trend is expected to continue to reach an estimated $345 BILLION by 2018 according to BCC Research, a Boston area marketing research firm. Our breakthrough products are positioned to help fill that demand while providing a more diversified marketing opportunity for ACN independent distributors throughout Europe.

Not only is the timing right for ACN to diversify its service and product portfolio, but many people all over Europe have been


Green for Ireland, Orange for William of Orange and white for all!

struggling to find new ways to prosper in these difficult economic times. The income opportunity we will now offer will be the most unique in the network marketing/direct selling world. ACN co-founder Mike Cupisz recently stated, “We can do what they do, but they can’t do what we do!” ACN is proud to be the 20th largest Direct Sales Company in the world, but rapid growth is expected to elevate ACN to even greater heights by adding these new consumable product divisions;  implementing a new more lucrative income plan and through further international expansion.

One thing I know about Network marketing is that if you want the fastest path to reach a high level of earnings then you want to get positioned as a market maker. That means you want to be one of the first to offer a new and exciting product or service to the marketplace. The difficulty is finding an opportunity where you can minimize the considerable risk of the start-up company, while taking advantage of proper timing and early positioning.  Now that we have identified that this situation is occurring with ACN’s transition, you have a powerful catalyst for rapid growth. The timing is now with the reinvention of ACN, a ground-floor opportunity without the risk of the start-up company. It’s time to position ahead of the growth curve and get involved. I often say, if ACN was a software program we could call this the launch of ACN 3.0.

Beginning March 1st 2015, European ACN distributors will begin to experience the impact of this strategic diversification strategy and new compensation system. Over the next several years, it’s expected that the company’s greatest percentage of worldwide growth will come from Europe. This would also mean the ACN European earning opportunity would be the most lucrative worldwide. It’s important to note that the majority of the current European production comes from just 5 countries, yet ACN is launching these products with European approvals with the infrastructure for distribution in all 18 countries. There are huge leadership opportunities and serious income possibilities to override the distribution of entire countries. In addition, this strategy opens the door for further European expansion where telecom and energy deregulation is non-existent or in its infancy. That is what I call, ‘Massive Upside Potential’.

The naturally higher profit margins for more traditional consumable direct selling products combined with the appeal and consistent reorder of essential services create the most unique and competitive network marketing/direct selling opportunity in Europe. This new and improved ACN business model will appeal to a more diversified group of opportunity seekers and customers. These new health and wellness products will truly change people’s lives with better heath, wellness and vitality.

To learn more about these new products and compensation plan, get back to the person who shared this letter with you. My independent organization called United Networks International is a support network of my ACN leaders and distributors, who have developed their own identities and support systems in countries all over the world. Our track record speaks for itself as we have produced more top money earners and Circle of Champion members than any other independent organizations in the history of ACN, so you’re fortunate to be learning about ACN through the person who shared this information with you.

Imagine that you had insider knowledge that a publicly traded company was about increase its sales; wouldn’t you want to get properly positioned? In ACN today, there is a clear an obvious growth opportunity, so isn’t it logical to get positioned is now?  To maximize the possibilities of this launch, I plan to be touring throughout Europe over the next several months to provide training and support.

ACN corporate is hosting the Launch Event on February 20-22nd in Rotterdam. This important international event will feature training on the new products and compensation plan. What you will experience could change your lifestyle forever. 

I am grateful that ACN invests in the education of their independent distributors and this International training will be like none other. Not only will you hear directly from the ACN co-founders and me. Guest speakers will include personal development expert Mr. George Zalucki; the formulator of the new Alumine anti-aging products Mr. Peter Lamas; and world renowned economist Paul Zane Pilser.

PZP has been an important mentor of mine since publishing his book “Unlimited Wealth” in 1991. PZP is a NYU professor of economics; been a United States economic advisor to 2 United States Presidential administrations; is a best-selling author of 9 books including “The Wellness Revolution- the Next Trillion Dollar Industry” and is an important supporter of the network marketing industry. Heads of States, Fortune 500 companies and even the Premiere of China has sought PZP’s expertise. This is a RARE opportunity to hear from a Global Expert in Wellness and Business. Very few companies invest in their people like ACN does for us. Do not take this opportunity for granted. Invest in yourself and your future and get registered for Rotterdam TODAY!!! You’ll either be glad you did or you will be sorry you didn’t…and that’s your choice. Don’t come alone because whoever gets the most people to Rotterdam for the launch of ACN´s new direction, will receive the greatest growth in their ACN income in 2015 and beyond!!!

Mr. Art Napolitano, ACN Senior Vice President, ACN Circle of Champions Member.

Contact Robert Moloney.

Arthur Napolitano Speaks in Dublin, Ireland

Arthur Napolitano Speaks in Dublin, Ireland

Ready to go?

Start you own business, the easy entrepreneur, Shit Happens!

How can I help?

I was listening to the radio this morning and heard about the couple who had used the same numbers in the Lotto since it started and scooped the €10M jackpot.  They plan to remain anonymous but pay off their family and friends’ mortgages while supporting some charities.

That got me thinking.  €8 per play is what they were paying, two games a week, forgetting about Euro Millions, that’s €800 a year even if you didn’t play 52 weeks.  Now we didn’t have the two games a week tax on the poor all the time but for a lot of 28 years we have!

So, if you were to start your own International Utilities and Products web shop, fully stocked, 15 languages, where people in 24 countries could buy your products and have them delivered without you having to get involved and all this for €100 ex VAT per annum.

And let’s say, you also took an initial sample and sell stock, for half the cost of the lotto, and take a gamble on yourself and the people you know, to help you build a business and not dependent on the state for your pension, or the Lotto for your income!  What if you spent money on your business, never made a penny, but used it to offset your tax bill ( an accountant could advise on tax), then, would you see the value in starting an ECommerce business?

Talk to me if you are open to discussing the possibilities!

Start Your Own Business, NOW!

It has been remiss of me not to have been posting here and my day job being Digital Marketing!

The traditional Pyramid scam

The traditional Pyramid scam

The good news is that the page still ranks just below ACN for the search terms “ACN Ireland”, so I do the dayjob well it seems.

Anyway, back to ACN.  This site has brought some good people to talk to me about the business and some will get started, some won’t, so what, someone else is waiting.

ACN is not for everyone, either as a customer or as an Independent Business Owner, or Representative.  As a customer, ACN has traditionally been a niche provider,  in telecoms only in Ireland (until NOW!), but the customer can be anywhere in 23 countries and using essential services such as energy, mobile phones, home phones, video phones, alarm services, television, broadband and now Health and Wellness.  And don’t forget their plans to launch a credit card services business across the world too.

But the customer won’t find out about the products and services unless someone tells them about it and this is where the Independent Representative comes in.  He or She, has to ask someone to try the services via their WEBSHOP. Then he or she has to ask some people if they see an opportunity for themselves doing the same thing, building a webshop on every corner of the internet!

I have a small Facebook page, that I post to as I see things, called Start Your Own Business

I did a post yesterday after Irish Police identified a One Million Euro Pyramid scam in Ireland.  Terrible article, no details:

Very vague article, I would love to know more details.

The key as to whether a business opportunity is real or a scam is based on the customer, the product and the margin.
Who is the Customer?
What are they buying?
What is the margin?

If I buy something and sell it on, I make a margin. If I work as a distributor for a computer company, say, they might help me marketing the product and produce materials, I may have to pay for accreditations, like you get with Cisco, CCIE etc.

I may buy from the manufacturer and sell to resellers, or shops, as I experienced in the IT industry. So I make a margin and they make a margin. If i sell the computer directly to the end user, I make a bigger margin than I do through the reseller.

Or I could be licencing my work, like software, where I get a recurring revenue from the licence, no matter how many resellers are involved.

After that, the customer needs to decide if they see a value in it!!

This is why I know that what I have, through my webshop, is valid, we have something that customers pay for, month after month, as long as they use the products and services. Recurring revenue, residual income. The question is whether you want to be a consumer or make money from it.”

So there you go, This may not be the opportunity for you, just let me know, don’t waste your time or mine.  I don’t want to convince you, I don’t want to sell you anything, but if you are looking for an opportunity and you are looking to find the leaders to make this business happen here and abroad for you and your family, then please let me know!

Class of 2013: You’ll Never Again Be so Unburdened; Do Something Bold

“……if you spot an opportunity early on and are really excited by it, throw yourself into it with everything you have got. Be ambitious. There probably won’t be another time in your life when you have such freedom of opportunity. Grasp it with both hands.”


For opportunity, contact me! www.teamireland.acnrep.com