‘attitude of Gratitude’

Words of Wisdom
“Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, “Make me feel important.” Not only will you succeed in sales, you will succeed in life.” — Mary Kay Ash

Lets all have an ‘attitude of Gratitude’ and endevour to treat the people we meet, as Earl Nightingale suggests, that they are the ‘Most Important People/Person in the World’, because to ‘Them’ they ARE!!

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Its never too Late-George Dawson

Oprah is on n the background as I work form home. At 98, this grandson of a former slave, started to learn to write and read. On his 100th Birthday, he read his own cards for the first time. He died aged 103 in 2001, with three honoury doctorates to his name, 2 best selling books and a school named after him: “Its never too late”.

In 100 Years

I got this form a friend of mine:

If you want to do something, do it now, dare to live a little and take some chances in your life. You won’t know if you fail or not until you give it a try and in 100 years from now it will only be your legacy that lives on, do you want it to be something that people talk about with pride or something that no one will ever remember, the choice really is Yours.

by Teresa on Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Here is another little idea that I always use in times of stress or if things just aren’t going my way and that is I always remember that in 100 years time, whatever it is that is bothering me just won’t matter and as it is a relatively short period of time, it just goes to emphasise how precious life really is.

In 100 years time, there will be a completely new set of people on the earth, new people with new dreams and goals and whatever it is that is bothering me just won’t matter, the truth is, it probably won’t matter tomorrow never mind in one hundred years but that is besides the point.

Now some people find this whole 100 years thing a little on the gloomy side, after all, I am talking about when we are all dead and buried, but if you look at it just a little deeper it really does show you how you have got to reach out and grasp your life with both of your hands, and make the very most of it.

Just in case you are unaware, time is the most valuable commodity that anyone has, once the moment has gone you will never get it back again, no matter how rich you are. In my humble opinion there is nothing sadder than seeing someone who has not only not achieved their dreams, but also not even tried to achieve them. Always thinking that trying to achieve their goals was something that could always be put off until tomorrow.

Time flies by for everyone, if you are in your thirties or forties at the moment you can probably remember only to well the day you left school. Look at how quickly that time has passed. Do you want to look back in another 20 or 30 years and not have made any progress from the position that you are in today?

If you want to do something, do it now, dare to live a little and take some chances in your life. You won’t know if you fail or not until you give it a try and in 100 years from now it will only be your legacy that lives on, do you want it to be something that people talk about with pride or something that no one will ever remember, the choice really is Yours.

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Why is ACN of Interest?

There I was standing by the side of a football pitch this evening and I got a real glow when I got this email:

Begin forwarded message:

Date: 15 July 2011 19:09:28 GMT+01:00
To: Robert Moloney

Hi Robert
I am out of the country at the moment on vacation and won’t return for about another week. ACN interests me because as of June 30th 2011 it’s the 3rd biggest MLM company in the world after only 18 years in business! That’s says a lot for me although it is not known in Ireland. What part of the country do you live in?
In reply to these comments in my email to him:

There is something extraordinary going on in this business, but to be honest, not everyone “sees” it, sees the opportunity, and less “seize” it, so you are going to be or become extraordinary with this busines. It certainly has changed my life!!!

Could you tell me why you contacted the company, what appealed to you about the business?

Finally, what are you looking for?

Ever thought of have an internet business?

Ever thought of have an internet business?

Ever thought of having a web shop? How much work do you think there would be in keeping the shop up to date, buying the stock, negotiating with suppliers and finding customers? You are about to be surprised! Read on…..

Here is the latest news from Our ACN Co-Founders via the ACN Blog in the USA.

As you can ‘see’ we are with a Company that is always searching to enhance this Opportunity and give Us the ”Independent Business Owner” (IBO’s) a Business that is always progressing.

Now ACN introduces us all to the World of ”e-commerce” and a presence on the World Wide Web. This will assist ‘US’ in building Our ACN Businesses and shows us the Co-Founders have such a Great Vision for ACN!!

Ask yourself, ‘have I shopped on lined before’? For most this will be an emphatic Yes! And will this ‘trend’ continue? Experts say it’s advancing year on year and indeed this is another trend we in ACN can take advantage of, that is of course, when We ‘Effectively’ Work Our ACN Business!!

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The New ACN Direct Online Storefront Changes Everything

July 12, 2011

Tony Cupisz is Vice President and one of the Co-Founders of ACN Inc.

What if I told you there was an online store where customers could go and get great deals on Telecom & Home Services…would you go to it? Would you recommend other people to it? Of course…even better, what if YOU were the online store and every time someone signed up for a service through it, you got paid a percentage of their monthly bill? This is ACN’s latest enhancement and everyone is more than just excited about it.
Less than 24 hours after ACN launched the online store concept, the ACN Direct Online Storefront, more than 5,000 ACN Independent Business Owners had activated their sites… and since then, tens of thousands more have as well, and it’s growing every single day!

But, lets step back for a second. I want you to understand that anytime Greg, Mike, Robert and I introduce a new idea into the ACN Opportunity, such as the ACN Direct Online Storefront, there’s always a purpose behind it…and that is to help you find more success throughout your journey. No matter how excited we were when talking about ACN, there was always a few questions and concerns many new people had. This enhancement clearly helps everyone address those concerns, making building your business easier than ever. The following are some of the questions and concerns many of you hear: “What do I get for $499,” “Do I need to know all about the services before I start building my ACN Business,” or “Wow, there is a lot to know…How am I going to be able to teach all of this to the people I introduce to ACN?”

Now with the ACN Direct Online Storefront, it clearly helps new people have more confidence in many ways. It takes the pressure off all Independent Business Owners or IBOs by not needing to know and TEACH all the details of all the products when acquiring customers or recruiting new IBOs into your business. Also, the storefront offers more value to the ACN Opportunity than ever before. A new IBO can clearly see the value in the ACN Business when they get started. Just imagine what it would cost someone to try to replicate what the ACN Direct Online Storefront offers you. When a new IBO starts with ACN for $499, it includes: 1) A personalized online store website already built and fully functional, 2) one that’s hosted every month, 3) a staff of people working that update your online store DAILY with the latest products, pricing and promotions, 4) live operators standing by to help sign up your new customers on services that require more attention and, 5) live operators standing by to service your existing customers. The question going forward is no longer going to be, “What do I get for $499,” but “How is it possible that ACN can do all of this for just $499?”

You see, when this idea was born, to all of us it made complete sense. Before we launched the concept to all of you during the San Jose International Training Event, I began testing the idea by introducing it at some meetings that I attended. The feedback was incredible and proved what the other Co-Founders and myself had in mind: It eliminated questions and instilled confidence and belief.

There are so many positives in this new storefront. First and foremost, we all know the benefits of the site from putting it to use when you’re interacting with potential customers to simplifying ACN’s product portfolio and streamlining the ordering process. Secondly, by all of ACN IBO’s using this storefront, it alleviates the burden to learn all the ins-and-outs of ACN’s expansive product portfolio. If someone has a question about any of the services we offer, all you have to do now is just go to your online store, click the service, and all the information you need is right there.

Your role as an Independent Business Owner with ACN is simpler and more streamlined than ever. All you need to know is your online store website domain and how to direct people to it. Assist your customers in learning about and signing up for the services, and get your team to do the same. Let the site work for you and watch your customer points soar.

ACN Vice President and Co-Founder
Tony Cupisz