Integrity, Gratitude, How to be Happy

I was writing the other day about How to be Happy, and discovered from Earl Nightingale, that striving for a “worthy ideal” was basically his definition of it.

The Time is Now, grasp it!

Today is a New Day

How Happy was I yesterday when I got a sign showing me I was going in the right direction and had made the right decision?  Not only was it a “you are doing the right thing” moment, but that “you are doing it the right way”, with Integrity!

I had read an email and was grateful for its content, a mature assessment of what we needed to do and the actions to achieve it, no threats or hard close, just good stuff.

Then I got another message “It ends with passive income and a happy life. What can we do to help this cause?”

I got on a call with this guy and the guy who sent the other email.  I promptly cut myself off and wondered wha happened, so I got on with the dinner and house work.  Turned out to be a good thing after all.  Another lesson?  Everything happens for a reason!  You just won’t necessarily understand why!  Go with it.

Summarising the conversation later, I realised why I do what I do and How I want to do it and I am going to be ruthless in pursuing ONLY people who behave with “Integrity”.   And that was the keyword of the conversation:


  • “Building on Integrity”
  • “Honesty”
  • “To Help”
  • “Heart”
  • “Change the world”
  • “$500 for a business like this is nothing!”

The next “Eureka” moment was in the statement:

“Why has no one told me about this business before?”

or you could ask, Why has no one talked to this guy before?

It could be because he was on a “Chicken list” because people were afraid to talk to him because “he couldn’t be interested”, maybe because he is already well to do, or dedicated to some cause, or just to scared to talk to him.  And we have all done it, filtered our list based on what we think he thinks!!!

“This may not be for you, but maybe you would know someone who could be the leader we are looking for, or they might know this person, but because of the way the compensation plan is structured, everyone succeeds!”

To be honest, these type of guys, men (or women) of integrity, gratitude and vision, are “few and far between”, but I am determined now not to compromise and seek out just these characteristics.

It is so rewarding to deal with people like this.  I had been at a funeral the day before, an end of life and this day was like a birth, a new beginning and this is a feeling I want everyday.

At a time when my confidence in my own 9-5 business was waning, to meet a guy who talks about “looking at his options for a 5 year plan for him and his family” reminded me that this is precisely what I am working on.  My son finishes school, maybe he goes to College, that is 5 years.  I never want to go back to the day job, ten years out now and I love it, just need to add more money in the bank!  People like this make me feel that I am going the right direction, with the right people:

“The progressive realisation of a worthyideal”.  Working towards something worthwhile.

Now to “Attract” more of these people, wherever they are in the world!

Fear Uncertainty Doubt

“Why hasn’t someone told me about this before?”