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I was listening to the radio this morning and heard about the couple who had used the same numbers in the Lotto since it started and scooped the €10M jackpot.  They plan to remain anonymous but pay off their family and friends’ mortgages while supporting some charities.

That got me thinking.  €8 per play is what they were paying, two games a week, forgetting about Euro Millions, that’s €800 a year even if you didn’t play 52 weeks.  Now we didn’t have the two games a week tax on the poor all the time but for a lot of 28 years we have!

So, if you were to start your own International Utilities and Products web shop, fully stocked, 15 languages, where people in 24 countries could buy your products and have them delivered without you having to get involved and all this for €100 ex VAT per annum.

And let’s say, you also took an initial sample and sell stock, for half the cost of the lotto, and take a gamble on yourself and the people you know, to help you build a business and not dependent on the state for your pension, or the Lotto for your income!  What if you spent money on your business, never made a penny, but used it to offset your tax bill ( an accountant could advise on tax), then, would you see the value in starting an ECommerce business?

Talk to me if you are open to discussing the possibilities!

Start Your Own Business, NOW!

It has been remiss of me not to have been posting here and my day job being Digital Marketing!

The traditional Pyramid scam

The traditional Pyramid scam

The good news is that the page still ranks just below ACN for the search terms “ACN Ireland”, so I do the dayjob well it seems.

Anyway, back to ACN.  This site has brought some good people to talk to me about the business and some will get started, some won’t, so what, someone else is waiting.

ACN is not for everyone, either as a customer or as an Independent Business Owner, or Representative.  As a customer, ACN has traditionally been a niche provider,  in telecoms only in Ireland (until NOW!), but the customer can be anywhere in 23 countries and using essential services such as energy, mobile phones, home phones, video phones, alarm services, television, broadband and now Health and Wellness.  And don’t forget their plans to launch a credit card services business across the world too.

But the customer won’t find out about the products and services unless someone tells them about it and this is where the Independent Representative comes in.  He or She, has to ask someone to try the services via their WEBSHOP. Then he or she has to ask some people if they see an opportunity for themselves doing the same thing, building a webshop on every corner of the internet!

I have a small Facebook page, that I post to as I see things, called Start Your Own Business

I did a post yesterday after Irish Police identified a One Million Euro Pyramid scam in Ireland.  Terrible article, no details:

Very vague article, I would love to know more details.

The key as to whether a business opportunity is real or a scam is based on the customer, the product and the margin.
Who is the Customer?
What are they buying?
What is the margin?

If I buy something and sell it on, I make a margin. If I work as a distributor for a computer company, say, they might help me marketing the product and produce materials, I may have to pay for accreditations, like you get with Cisco, CCIE etc.

I may buy from the manufacturer and sell to resellers, or shops, as I experienced in the IT industry. So I make a margin and they make a margin. If i sell the computer directly to the end user, I make a bigger margin than I do through the reseller.

Or I could be licencing my work, like software, where I get a recurring revenue from the licence, no matter how many resellers are involved.

After that, the customer needs to decide if they see a value in it!!

This is why I know that what I have, through my webshop, is valid, we have something that customers pay for, month after month, as long as they use the products and services. Recurring revenue, residual income. The question is whether you want to be a consumer or make money from it.”

So there you go, This may not be the opportunity for you, just let me know, don’t waste your time or mine.  I don’t want to convince you, I don’t want to sell you anything, but if you are looking for an opportunity and you are looking to find the leaders to make this business happen here and abroad for you and your family, then please let me know!

Integrity, Gratitude, How to be Happy

I was writing the other day about How to be Happy, and discovered from Earl Nightingale, that striving for a “worthy ideal” was basically his definition of it.

The Time is Now, grasp it!

Today is a New Day

How Happy was I yesterday when I got a sign showing me I was going in the right direction and had made the right decision?  Not only was it a “you are doing the right thing” moment, but that “you are doing it the right way”, with Integrity!

I had read an email and was grateful for its content, a mature assessment of what we needed to do and the actions to achieve it, no threats or hard close, just good stuff.

Then I got another message “It ends with passive income and a happy life. What can we do to help this cause?”

I got on a call with this guy and the guy who sent the other email.  I promptly cut myself off and wondered wha happened, so I got on with the dinner and house work.  Turned out to be a good thing after all.  Another lesson?  Everything happens for a reason!  You just won’t necessarily understand why!  Go with it.

Summarising the conversation later, I realised why I do what I do and How I want to do it and I am going to be ruthless in pursuing ONLY people who behave with “Integrity”.   And that was the keyword of the conversation:


  • “Building on Integrity”
  • “Honesty”
  • “To Help”
  • “Heart”
  • “Change the world”
  • “$500 for a business like this is nothing!”

The next “Eureka” moment was in the statement:

“Why has no one told me about this business before?”

or you could ask, Why has no one talked to this guy before?

It could be because he was on a “Chicken list” because people were afraid to talk to him because “he couldn’t be interested”, maybe because he is already well to do, or dedicated to some cause, or just to scared to talk to him.  And we have all done it, filtered our list based on what we think he thinks!!!

“This may not be for you, but maybe you would know someone who could be the leader we are looking for, or they might know this person, but because of the way the compensation plan is structured, everyone succeeds!”

To be honest, these type of guys, men (or women) of integrity, gratitude and vision, are “few and far between”, but I am determined now not to compromise and seek out just these characteristics.

It is so rewarding to deal with people like this.  I had been at a funeral the day before, an end of life and this day was like a birth, a new beginning and this is a feeling I want everyday.

At a time when my confidence in my own 9-5 business was waning, to meet a guy who talks about “looking at his options for a 5 year plan for him and his family” reminded me that this is precisely what I am working on.  My son finishes school, maybe he goes to College, that is 5 years.  I never want to go back to the day job, ten years out now and I love it, just need to add more money in the bank!  People like this make me feel that I am going the right direction, with the right people:

“The progressive realisation of a worthyideal”.  Working towards something worthwhile.

Now to “Attract” more of these people, wherever they are in the world!

Fear Uncertainty Doubt

“Why hasn’t someone told me about this before?”

How to be Happy

My cousin, who knows these things, recently told me that this is the most searched for topic in Ireland: “How to be Happy”.

Then I got sent a link to Earl Nightingale’s “The Strangest Secret, How to live the life you desire”

Early on, he points out that, of 100 men, all eager, with a sparkle and the ability, all believed that they would be successful by 65.

He says that 55 will be broke, 5 working, 4 Financially Independent, and One, yes just 1, will be rich.

I no longer need to be rich, but I do desire financial Independence.  So if I carry on as I am, I am going to need to be in the top 5% of working people.  Hmmm.  That has not worked for me so far.

But I do desire to be “Happy” and I remember getting in trouble in school for saying this in answer to the question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Clearing out my Mother’s house after her death two years ago, I found it, the school copy book where I wrote this:


Happiness Defined thirty years ago

So if success is happiness or happiness is success, Earl defined it as “The progressive realisation of a worthy ideal”.  Working towards something worthwhile.

That is what we are about, and we have a proven system to improve the odds.  Yes, the top earners will be in the top 5% of earners, in this business and in life.  But working openly with them is going to help, you will work for yourself, but not by yourself!  People, Process and Technology to help you and me.

What other business can you be more successful than the person who hires you?  Well you can try, but politics not production usually take over.

Where else could you

  • achieve financially
  • help others
  • have a ball
  • and have the tools to do it?

Talk to me.

Opportunity Knocks

Ireland, known by the Romans, as Hibernia, the land of mists and rain!

Today is a new day!

Not selling you anything, it is up to you!

Young people leaving in droves for a life of opportunity abroad.

Record levels of unemployment.

The pillars of society demolished, reputations in ruins: Church, Banks, Police, Construction Sector.  The very people that formed the respected core of Irish society. They formed the main street in many towns!

We are the most obese we have every been. We are in debt, yet we continue to pay our Bankers and “Bond Holders”, even though we have to borrow to pay out money we probably will be paying off for the rest of our Children’s lives! We have let our spirituality suffer because of bad people in our Religious orders. Some have lost hope, record levels of suicide and depression.

So what is the opportunity now?  Well, everyone is in the same boat, there is an upswell in god people influencing their lives and those of others, to the extent that they can control.  Positive change!

What can you do?

If there was a chance, you could build a business to give you choice, independence and control.

If you could have, fun, love and money?

Would health, wealth and prosperity be of interest?

What would you be willing to do to get them?

Do you realise that there is no such thing as get rich quick?

Do you know what is involved in Running a business?

Have you run your own business before?

Fulltime or part time business?

The choice is yours.

As the ad used to say about the “Sweepstakes”, “If you are not in, you can’t win!”



Pyramid Scam and the Irish Property Collapse

I have been thinking about this new phase in the ACN business in Ireland.

80 days until the next International training event in Cologne.

  • The ideal amount of time to see the vision of the company,
  • and build a team of like minded entrepreneurs
  • to explode the business of International webshops, at the event in Germany.

Like many people, I suffer call reluctance, I know what I have, but so many people cannot see what I see. I see the opportunity to change life forever, to take away the need for dependence on the state to feed me when I am old, to live on half the money I couldn’t live on before the collapse!

I see an opportunity the size of a convoy of battleships! Yet others see a rowing boat in the park pond!

I see a state where every corner has huge apartment blocks empty or unfinished, worse, occupied but evacuated because of dodgy building practices!

I see a business where I open a webshop, promote services here and abroad to a relatively small number of loyal customers. And then I help others open similar shops for their relatively small customer bases around the world:

  • location location location, a webshop on every virtual corner!!!

So where is the scam? Helping people open a business that MAY change their life?

Or a state where developers took money from banks to build premises that only the builders lived in, NO CUSTOMERS TO BUY THE PROPERTIES but off they went again, more loans, more buildings, and extend that to the “Get Rich Quick” brigade, for them to fund the developers next phase, still no customer in the long term!

I have had customers for nearly 10 years! So where is the scam?

Have a look at the videos on or contact me for more information!


How to go from Employee to Entrepreneur

How to go from Employee to Entrepreneur
New Bi-Monthly Free Newsletter from George Zalucki
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How To Go From Employee to Entrepreneur! March 2012
Dear Robert,

In the last article, we discussed the condition of most people who work a job i.e., the “employee”. So lets review and move on.

The “employee” gets a weekly paycheck and all too often a mental and emotional addiction to the implied, but certainly not guaranteed, financial security offered by the job. The “job” defines its demands and basically eliminates the uncertainty and risk the entrepreneur must face in order to succeed. There is nothing wrong with this approach if it is satisfying to the individual. In fact, statistics will verify that most people take this path for their means of acquiring money because betting on themselves is simply too frightening and risky.
However, every choice has a consequence. So, I ask you, “When is the last time you met a wealthy or financially free person who has worked for someone else?” If financial freedom is a person’s goal in life it is almost 100% certain that they will need to become involved in their own business. If you want to be numbered among the financial elite you will need to think, act and believe like the financial elite. They think possibilities, not limitations! They accept risk as an important component of success! They set specific performance goals and they don’t know the word, “Quit”!
So, if you want financial freedom, the question and the conclusion are painfully obvious. Is personal change really an option, or is it unmistakably critical? As the great American heavyweight boxing champion, Joe Louis said, “You can run but you can’t hide!” Its the same with life changing insights — you can reject them, but you can never get away from the effects of rejecting them. Remember, in life we harvest what we plant….. and all planting begins with “thoughts.” Therefore, you must put new thinking into your head before you can expect to get new or different results in your life. This, my friends, is an undeniable law of change. We can elect to run, but the effects of our actions or neglect will always be manifest in our lives.
As I’ve often said from the platform, “Universal laws don’t give a damn if you or I ever learn them, accept them, or reject them.” No, they simply run the game we call life. Wise men know and accept this truth while the unwise persist in their self imposed delusions where dead dreams abound and mediocrity at best is their companion through life. I have found after 50 years of working in the field of motivational psychology and personal development that the “anticipation” of what change will demand is the biggest deterrent to getting started.
You see, most people do not lack the ability to succeed. What they lack is the willingness to change and endure what is required of them to justify success. I’m convinced that many more people would succeed if they would simply jump in the pool of opportunity with the inner confidence that they will eventually learn how to swim to success if they stay in the pool long enough and keep stroking. It will never be as tough as our miss -managed imaginations predict it will be. So, step out! Step it up! And, stay the course till you win!
I’ll close with this quote. Philosopher, Aldous Huxley said it best. “Most ignorance is vincible ignorance. We don’t know because we don’t want to know!” …to be continued on Monday, March 26th.

To your success,

George Zalucki Signature

6 Questions to Decide if a WebShop would work

  1. Do you buy over the internet? Yes / No?
  2. Do you spend more now than 3 years ago? Yes / No?
  3. Is that the trend around the world too? Yes / No?
  4. If there was a way you could be part of that, would you be interested?Yes / No?
  5. What do you think that would cost you?
  6. Would you agree certain industries are proving recession proof?: Entertainment, Telecoms, Energy, Security?

Quote of the Day


Begin forwarded message:

“Risk! Risk anything! Care no more for the opinions of others, for those voices. Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face the truth.”