It has been remiss of me not to have been posting here and my day job being Digital Marketing!

The traditional Pyramid scam

The traditional Pyramid scam

The good news is that the page still ranks just below ACN for the search terms “ACN Ireland”, so I do the dayjob well it seems.

Anyway, back to ACN.  This site has brought some good people to talk to me about the business and some will get started, some won’t, so what, someone else is waiting.

ACN is not for everyone, either as a customer or as an Independent Business Owner, or Representative.  As a customer, ACN has traditionally been a niche provider,  in telecoms only in Ireland (until NOW!), but the customer can be anywhere in 23 countries and using essential services such as energy, mobile phones, home phones, video phones, alarm services, television, broadband and now Health and Wellness.  And don’t forget their plans to launch a credit card services business across the world too.

But the customer won’t find out about the products and services unless someone tells them about it and this is where the Independent Representative comes in.  He or She, has to ask someone to try the services via their WEBSHOP. Then he or she has to ask some people if they see an opportunity for themselves doing the same thing, building a webshop on every corner of the internet!

I have a small Facebook page, that I post to as I see things, called Start Your Own Business

I did a post yesterday after Irish Police identified a One Million Euro Pyramid scam in Ireland.  Terrible article, no details:

Very vague article, I would love to know more details.

The key as to whether a business opportunity is real or a scam is based on the customer, the product and the margin.
Who is the Customer?
What are they buying?
What is the margin?

If I buy something and sell it on, I make a margin. If I work as a distributor for a computer company, say, they might help me marketing the product and produce materials, I may have to pay for accreditations, like you get with Cisco, CCIE etc.

I may buy from the manufacturer and sell to resellers, or shops, as I experienced in the IT industry. So I make a margin and they make a margin. If i sell the computer directly to the end user, I make a bigger margin than I do through the reseller.

Or I could be licencing my work, like software, where I get a recurring revenue from the licence, no matter how many resellers are involved.

After that, the customer needs to decide if they see a value in it!!

This is why I know that what I have, through my webshop, is valid, we have something that customers pay for, month after month, as long as they use the products and services. Recurring revenue, residual income. The question is whether you want to be a consumer or make money from it.”

So there you go, This may not be the opportunity for you, just let me know, don’t waste your time or mine.  I don’t want to convince you, I don’t want to sell you anything, but if you are looking for an opportunity and you are looking to find the leaders to make this business happen here and abroad for you and your family, then please let me know!

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