62% of Irish people think they do not live life to the full

When I heard this on the radio today, the penny dropped:

  • 62% are not living the life they want,
  • 83% believe they never will
  • and most of them feel it is because of money!!!

There is a possibility, as long as you are willing to do what our Olympic Sailor says below.
There is a chance to make the money , help others do that too and have a lot of fun doing it and I have the answer.

But fair play to Nurofen for offering €1500 to ten people, but how about that w month, a week, a day? See Doug Allen’s advice at the bottom of the article!!!:

  • 62% of Irish people say they are not living their life to the full,
  • with people aged 25-44 most likely to feel that they are missing out (71%).
  • Over four in five Irish people (83%) think they are unlikely to live out their Big Life dream,
  • with the majority (65%) attributing this to lack of money.

The research was released today by Nurofen to mark the launch of the Nurofen Big Lives Trust, which will be offering ten Irish people who are passionate about life and have a Big Life dream €1,500 each to help make their plans a reality. Entry is free. To apply, visit www.facebook.com/nurofenireland and tell Nurofen about your Big Life passion and how you would go Big with €1,500.

The most popular Big Life dream for Irish people

  • is to travel the world (46%).
  • to live in another country (12%),
  • to drive Route 66 (6%) and
  • to go on safari (4%).
  • only 1% of people saying they have a dream to sky dive or to swim with sharks.

On hand at the launch was Nurofen Big Lives Trust Ambassador and Olympic sailor, Annalise Murphy. She said, “I have always tried to follow my Big Life dream and am already training for Rio 2016. It’s about having resilience and passion, and not letting anything get in the way of what you want to do. A Big Life can be about anything, as long as you are passionate about it and pursue it to the full. The Nurofen Big Lives Trust is an amazing opportunity for ten people to do the one thing they have always wanted to do.”

Over half of Irish people (54%) say their Big Life dream is inspired by a family member while over a third (35%) are inspired by a friend. Almost three quarters (75%) said that they would share their Big Life dream with their significant other; one in ten Irish (9%) people would like to bring a friend and the same number would like to go by themselves. Less than one in ten (8%) would bring a relative.

Nurofen’s new ‘Lives Bigger than Pain’ campaign highlights members of the public, including wildlife cameraman Doug Allan whose advice is to

“dream, discover, go for it”.

Thanks to Newstalk.ie for getting me this press release following an article on a bulletin today.

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