17 signs that you might be an entrepreneur.

1. You can handle pressure and evaluate risk without being blindly optimistic.

2. You’ve done the market research already – idle boasts are not your style.

3. You’ve got the support of your family and friends.

4. You know you cannot do it alone.

5. You are not comfortable in regular employment – you become restless. You don’t want to hold a job.

6. You spend time talking to/meeting with people about your new business or idea while you’re working for someone else.

7. You are extremely passionate about your idea or your business.

8. You see more than one definition of “job security”.

9. Opportunity is everywhere around you –you see opportunities in everyday life.

10. You would happily launch a business that has no connection to your career to date.

11. You would happily invest your home’s equity, your life savings and borrow on a credit card for your start-up.

12. You don’t see lack of money, lack of knowledge and lack of experience as barriers to entry.

13. Your nights, weekends and free time are consumed with your business or business idea.

14. You love to create new things and enjoy the new product development process and business strategy equally.

15. You are confident and have a healthy ego – You know that you could do better than your boss.

16. You are a control freak and love running the show.

17. You just got made redundant or fired.

If you see yourself above, but you are looking for a vehicle, then maybe, the opportunity afforded by the ACN business, is for you?
Think of it, you could buy a Franchise in the UK for £25,000 to £50,000, making a long term commitment, or you can start your own business with six hundred to a thousand euro in your ACN business and see your world change forever!

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