Hi again!
Consider your options and ask your self:
– Is ACN working?
– Are people getting promoted?
– Are people making money?
– Is ACN a valuable business oppotunity backed up by Donald Trump and Paul Zane Pilzer?

(“It is vitally important what we do” says Pilzer. “ACN offer opportunity and re-education for people in an economy where it is most needed!”

The question is:

– What do YOU want?
– What are YOUR options?
– Is a JOB the solution to wealth and financial freedom?
– Are YOU working?
– Are you getting promoted?
– Are you making money?

ACN is not the problem for any of us – WE ARE the issue and problem and we need to take out the trash and flush our brains and get back into phase one with a whole new attitude.

The new young generation go from application to RVP within 12 months.

The Team CAB should be reason enough to get back on the phone and call everybody and re-offer the opportunity based on the development in ACN including the new product strategy!

This is the task:
– Get 10 customers (not points but customers)
– Get 3 partners.
– Help your 3 partners do the same ( 10 customers and 3 partners)

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