Pyramid Scam and the Irish Property Collapse

I have been thinking about this new phase in the ACN business in Ireland.

80 days until the next International training event in Cologne.

  • The ideal amount of time to see the vision of the company,
  • and build a team of like minded entrepreneurs
  • to explode the business of International webshops, at the event in Germany.

Like many people, I suffer call reluctance, I know what I have, but so many people cannot see what I see. I see the opportunity to change life forever, to take away the need for dependence on the state to feed me when I am old, to live on half the money I couldn’t live on before the collapse!

I see an opportunity the size of a convoy of battleships! Yet others see a rowing boat in the park pond!

I see a state where every corner has huge apartment blocks empty or unfinished, worse, occupied but evacuated because of dodgy building practices!

I see a business where I open a webshop, promote services here and abroad to a relatively small number of loyal customers. And then I help others open similar shops for their relatively small customer bases around the world:

  • location location location, a webshop on every virtual corner!!!

So where is the scam? Helping people open a business that MAY change their life?

Or a state where developers took money from banks to build premises that only the builders lived in, NO CUSTOMERS TO BUY THE PROPERTIES but off they went again, more loans, more buildings, and extend that to the “Get Rich Quick” brigade, for them to fund the developers next phase, still no customer in the long term!

I have had customers for nearly 10 years! So where is the scam?

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