How to go from Employee to Entrepreneur

How to go from Employee to Entrepreneur
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How To Go From Employee to Entrepreneur! March 2012
Dear Robert,

In the last article, we discussed the condition of most people who work a job i.e., the “employee”. So lets review and move on.

The “employee” gets a weekly paycheck and all too often a mental and emotional addiction to the implied, but certainly not guaranteed, financial security offered by the job. The “job” defines its demands and basically eliminates the uncertainty and risk the entrepreneur must face in order to succeed. There is nothing wrong with this approach if it is satisfying to the individual. In fact, statistics will verify that most people take this path for their means of acquiring money because betting on themselves is simply too frightening and risky.
However, every choice has a consequence. So, I ask you, “When is the last time you met a wealthy or financially free person who has worked for someone else?” If financial freedom is a person’s goal in life it is almost 100% certain that they will need to become involved in their own business. If you want to be numbered among the financial elite you will need to think, act and believe like the financial elite. They think possibilities, not limitations! They accept risk as an important component of success! They set specific performance goals and they don’t know the word, “Quit”!
So, if you want financial freedom, the question and the conclusion are painfully obvious. Is personal change really an option, or is it unmistakably critical? As the great American heavyweight boxing champion, Joe Louis said, “You can run but you can’t hide!” Its the same with life changing insights — you can reject them, but you can never get away from the effects of rejecting them. Remember, in life we harvest what we plant….. and all planting begins with “thoughts.” Therefore, you must put new thinking into your head before you can expect to get new or different results in your life. This, my friends, is an undeniable law of change. We can elect to run, but the effects of our actions or neglect will always be manifest in our lives.
As I’ve often said from the platform, “Universal laws don’t give a damn if you or I ever learn them, accept them, or reject them.” No, they simply run the game we call life. Wise men know and accept this truth while the unwise persist in their self imposed delusions where dead dreams abound and mediocrity at best is their companion through life. I have found after 50 years of working in the field of motivational psychology and personal development that the “anticipation” of what change will demand is the biggest deterrent to getting started.
You see, most people do not lack the ability to succeed. What they lack is the willingness to change and endure what is required of them to justify success. I’m convinced that many more people would succeed if they would simply jump in the pool of opportunity with the inner confidence that they will eventually learn how to swim to success if they stay in the pool long enough and keep stroking. It will never be as tough as our miss -managed imaginations predict it will be. So, step out! Step it up! And, stay the course till you win!
I’ll close with this quote. Philosopher, Aldous Huxley said it best. “Most ignorance is vincible ignorance. We don’t know because we don’t want to know!” …to be continued on Monday, March 26th.

To your success,

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