Drowning in debt?

drowning in debt.

Several years ago I read an article that said credit card companies had to write off 6.3% of their loans that year. Roughly, that means one out of every 16 households gave up on paying their credit card balances. Ouch! And now even more people are in debt with the current world economy.

What about the other households that are still paying their debts? They are drowning in monthly payments to the bank and credit card companies. They desperately need more income to meet those big monthly minimum payments.

So when you’re visiting with a prospect who has a nice house, a nice car, and nice clothes … remember, your prospect may be desperate for a solution for more monthly cash flow.

You are the solution.

Instead of talking about $10,000 a month, try pointing out that your opportunity can provide $300 to $500 a month in extra cash. For many prospects, this is more believable.

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