All Black?

24 years since New Zealand won the world cup (alright a day and a half then). 16 Years since Dublin won the All Ireland (alright a month). So is it All Black?
Why do these teams keep going?
Why do they bother?
They have failed, every year, no team they have put forward has been good enough. So why don’t they give up then?
Why, when you know, that everyone that has gone before you has failed, maybe YOU have failed, WHY do they go on?

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart. “

2011 has been an extraordinary year, starting as it did, Jan. 3, 4.30pm, Bank Holiday Monday, when my amazing, joyous mother died, as she wanted to, aged 87.That has changed my life.

My tolerance has gone for anything that does not reflect on positive forward thinking in life.
It took until her estate was settled in Mid September for the depression and sadness to go.
I cannot remember a time as sad as clearing her home, the place we grew up and had great times in.
I am now happier than I have been for as long as I can remember.

I am doing a life coaching course which is remarkably similar to a new pilot training course from Art Napolitano & Larry Raskin.

  1. I think that this will revolutionise our business. It is professional as any course I have ever seen. The structure, content, method of delivery and website mean you can show this to any corporate executive and he will have to be impressed.
  2. The new products, the internet phone adapter for €39,
  3. The iPhone telephone services app
  4. The new click and pay system (all the problems with billing removed in one easy website!).
  5. The new WEB SHOP, wow, now everyone joining the business has an international web shop for utility services, building their business now is just opening new stores around the world!
  6. New Facebook page,
  7. New Bonus scheme: 15 to 20 customers and you get 10% of their (and your), every month!

Finally, that Mother I mentioned?
Well, I just had a call from Lise who was in Lisbon at the ACN convention a year and a half ago, when my Mother went to it with Pete. She punched the air after the Friday session, wishing she was 30 years younger, even ten years younger. The next ACN european convention is in Lisbon again, on the day we celebrate Ireland’s Saint Patrick. I am taking it that I have to be there, with a successful Irish team, to honour my Mother and build my future, the future she wanted for me, my family and her. Oct 27, her number is being purged by ACN, one of my first customers and I paid her last phone bill and a call to me the day she died, being one of the last calls she made. Do I have a choice?

I am looking for a leader, it may be you, or it may be someone you know, who knows someone.
ACN has a system.
ACN has a good product set.
ACN will deliver, but it may not be when you want them to.
If you are willing to do 10 hours a week, alongside what you are doing now, if you are willing to do the business the way ACN says and not the way you think would be better, then let me know.

After my Mother’s estate was sorted, Steve Jobs died, I read his stanford speech, apart fomr the bit about living to other peoples’ agendas, he said something to the effect, that we are going to die anyway, so what have you got to lose?:

“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”


Robert is a home for ACN Independent business owners in Ireland.

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Highlights from the Cologne International Training Event

Be Inspired. Learn. Grow. This was the theme for the event which took place over three extraordinary days from the 14th to 16th October at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany. Attendees left the event equipped with an enhanced Compensation Plan to help boost their income, a new personalised ACN Online Shop to streamline the customer acquisition process, and several new products and tools to look forward to.

ACN’s special guest speaker, Darren Hardy, amazed and intrigued the audience with a powerful and comprehensive presentation on how to ignite the compound effect. His inspirational talk enlightened the crowd leaving them feeling motivated and confident that they could grow their own businesses like never before.

For a copy of Darren Hardy’s presentation (available in English only), send a blank email to:ACN

An ACN International Event is the ultimate place to get the best training and information directly from the Co-Founders themselves. ACN Co-Founder, Mike Cupisz took the stage on Saturday to make the following announcements:

  • The next ACN International Convention will be held in Lisbon, Portugal from 16-18th March, 2012. ACN is introducing a new online Global Registration System that will enable Representatives to register for the Lisbon International Convention in their own language.
  • ACN has launched their own European Facebook page for sharing information and messages directly with Representatives and friends. For more information
  • Your Business Assistant for Hungary and Czech Republic – launching on 16th November, 2011

Product Announcements:

  • Germany – Additional Mobile providers Telekom, O2 and Vodafone will be available in November/December
  • Denmark – Customer launch of Broadband scheduled on 18th October in partnership with Skyline
  • Spain – Alpha Launch of Energy is scheduled to take place in November in partnership with Galp Energia
  • Denmark – Alpha launch of Energy (electricity) is scheduled to take place in November in partnership with Natur Energi
  • France – Energy: new online and ‘paperless’ order process for business customers is scheduled to take place in November in partnership with Direct Energie
  • Poland – new fixed line calling plans for residential and business customers will go into effect on 7th November

On Saturday, ACN Co-Founder Tony Cupisz announced some very exciting changes to the Compensation Plan. Included were new Team Customer Acquisition Bonuses for Team Coordinators, Regional Directors and Regional Vice Presidents plus new qualifications for Regional Directors. From 1st November, Regional Directors will only be required to have two Team Coordinators legs (instead of three TC legs) plus an additional third leg with a minimum of 200 Customer Points. There will no longer be a minimum monthly commissionable billing requirement.

Tony also announced that from 1st January, 2012, the residual income percentage of commissions for Regional Vice Presidents on their second generation will double from a quarter of a percent (¼%) to a half a percent (½%).

ACN’s top SVP and RVP producers were live on stage to train on some of the most important topics for both new and experienced Representatives. These trainings are critical to building your business and help you learn the best way to acquire customers and recruit new Representatives. The topics at this event included the following:

  • Sponsoring – presented by Gérald Vignaud, Senior Vice President and European Circle of Champions member
  • How to Most Effectively Conduct One-on-One Presentations – presented by Brian Sax, Senior Vice President and Pacific Circle of Champions member
  • Getting Started / Mindset – presented by Levis Marcelino Cassino & Liliana Gomaris, Senior Vice Presidents and European Circle of Champions members
  • Why ACN? – presented by Matts-Olof Mattsson, Senior Vice President and European Circle of Champions member
  • Three Essential Beliefs to be Successful – presented by Dominique Cano-Flores, Senior Vice President and European Circle of Champions member
  • Defining the “Why” in Your ACN Business – presented by Richard Rew & Patricia Mendoza, Regional Vice Presidents
  • Recruiting – presented by Filippo Silvi, Senior Vice President and European Circle of Champions member
  • Trends, Timing, Tools and ACN – presented by Art Napolitano, Senior Vice President and European Circle of Champions member
  • Staying in Phase One – presented by Gábor & Bori Budaházi, Regional Vice Presidents
  • Promoting Events – presented by Myriam de la Sierra & Bash Bokhari, Senior Vice Presidents and European Circle of Champions members

The Representatives who attended this event from every corner of Europe and abroad, were treated to one of the biggest announcements ACN has ever introduced. On Saturday, ACN Co-Founder, Tony Cupisz, announced the launch of your personalised ACN Online Shop, included as part of the Team Trainer Success System Fee.

It will revolutionise the way you build your ACN business and it is available right now for you to activate and start acquiring customers in every country in which ACN operates. The barriers of knowing every detail about the products and services in every country are gone. You can send all your potential customers to your own personalised website and be confident that every customer will count towards your qualifications once they sign up for any of ACN’s broad array of products and services. Visit MyACN for Representatives today to activate your ACN Online Shop. Let’s go shopping!

To perfectly complement your new ACN Online Shop, a brand new template was introduced for the Distributor Website, designed to simplify the recruiting process. You can choose this new template from MyACN for Representatives by clicking on My Website in the bottom left side of the screen. The new template comes with 17 different images for the home page which you can change at any time giving your business website a fresh new look whenever you like.

ACN is about to launch two brand new videos for the ACN Opportunity Dual Disc and Distributor Websites. The first is a new five-minute Opportunity video encompassing all product categories to help you pique someone’s interest.

The second is an eleven-minute Business Presentation video which you can use as a complete presentation of the 1 through 10 business presentation. You can use the new Business Presentation video at Business Opportunity Meetings or when conducting one-on-one presentations with potential new Representatives. This is must-have training for anyone starting out in their ACN business and it simplifies the recruiting process even more. The English versions will be available in mid November and other language versions will follow thereafter.

As with every ACN International Event, ACN is thrilled to congratulate everyone who was promoted to a new position. Hundreds of Representatives from all over Europe were congratulated personally on stage by the Co-Founders and the Vice President of European Sales, Wayne Holbrook.

Among those promoted were the following new Regional Directors:

  • Domenico Farina from Italy
  • Ivan Beltrame from Italy
  • Isabel Vazquez & Jose Fariñas from Spain
  • Patrick Künkel from Spain
  • Frederic Bolley from France
  • Wakan Norbert Warzyszyński from Poland
  • Onorio Marsella from Italy
  • Laskai Ferencné from Hungary
  • Asos Harsin from the Netherlands
  • Xavi Roig Ponce from Spain
  • Juan Manuel Bolaños & Mónica Paladines from Spain
  • Luca Giacomi from Italy
  • Pedro & Maricarmen Garcia from Spain
  • Miklós Mariann & Major István from Hungary

There were a total of 11 newly promoted Regional Vice Presidents who had the pleasure of being paraded to the stage with their hard-working teams. These were:

  • Jaime Hernández & María de Alvear from Spain
  • Marga Lopez from Spain
  • Gábor & Bori Budaházi from Hungary
  • Jesús García & Chari Núñez from Spain
  • Javier Bartolomé & Marta Gómez from Spain
  • György Károly from Hungary
  • Pepi Morejon Rodriguez from Spain
  • Pedro Martinez & Eliana Do Carmo from Spain
  • Roland Kegye & Éva Hevesi from Hungary
  • José Domingo Gutiérrez González & Marta Montaner from Spain
  • Juan Ruiz Ramos from Spain

ACN wishes to thank all those in attendance for their generous contribution to the German division of Ronald McDonald House Charities. The total amount donated was €21,834.24which was presented to House Manager, Michelle Bautz, on stage on Sunday. Every euro donated was matched by ACN’s Co-Founders who believe in the power of giving back to the community and support the families of ill children with this charity foundation around the world.

Stay tuned for more details pertaining to these announcements via upcoming ACN in Action emails.

ACN looks forward to seeing YOU in Lisbon, Portugal in 2012!


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You could wait for a lifetime To spend your days in the sunshine You might as well do the white line Cos when it comes on top . . . You gotta make it happen!

The lyrics to cigarettes and alcohol by oasis:

You could wait for a lifetime
To spend your days in the sunshine ……

You gotta make it happen!

You could wait for a lifetime To spend your days in the sunshine You might as well do the white line Cos when it comes on top . . . You gotta make it happen!

The lyrics to cigarettes and alcohol by oasis:

You could wait for a lifetime
To spend your days in the sunshine ……

You gotta make it happen!