“DON’T PANIC”- a hitchhikers guide to life!

The 80s TC show of this name featured an electronic book with the words:


emblazoned across the front.

I met a good friend this morning for coffee, his brother died recently and I played football with them both. He told me a story about his brother, last summer, terminally ill,playing Golf with a friend of his who had a jellyfish sting.

Anyway, the friend asked him, knowing you are going to die, if you had your time over again and knowing you were going to die, what would you do different:

“I wouldn’t stress so much!”

There you have it, we can read this and think of all sorts of things, but here was a guy, with a gun against his head and this was his answer.

May God have mercy on his soul, a lovely guy, great sportsman and I thank him for this insight, I will use it to good effect, for myself and for the others I coach. RIP Eddie.


Robert Moloney


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