Why is ACN of Interest?

There I was standing by the side of a football pitch this evening and I got a real glow when I got this email:

Begin forwarded message:

Date: 15 July 2011 19:09:28 GMT+01:00
To: Robert Moloney

Hi Robert
I am out of the country at the moment on vacation and won’t return for about another week. ACN interests me because as of June 30th 2011 it’s the 3rd biggest MLM company in the world after only 18 years in business! That’s says a lot for me although it is not known in Ireland. What part of the country do you live in?
In reply to these comments in my email to him:

There is something extraordinary going on in this business, but to be honest, not everyone “sees” it, sees the opportunity, and less “seize” it, so you are going to be or become extraordinary with this busines. It certainly has changed my life!!!

Could you tell me why you contacted the company, what appealed to you about the business?

Finally, what are you looking for?

Contact me:

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