Launching new ACN Team Ireland Blog

This is the place to get all the up to date information on why ACN is the opportunity to make the changes in your life!

I will be posting later the changes to the offers that I believe make the difference, the difference between this opportunity to make a recurring income in the long term and other opportunities being presented with excitement that are claimed to change your life. ACN has changed mine!

I will outline the products later: iPhone app to give amazing International calling plans, video phones, a black box for your home to convert your phone into an internet phone service to give you free calls to 50 countries, a real phone service, using a normal phone. And there is a normal phone service too!

Previously you got paid a percentage of the revenue your customers generated, now you get paid based on the number of customers you have rather than the amount they are generating!

More later! But remember, you do nothing, you get nothing!

Robert at teamireland dot eu

Contact me:

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